Our team

Mihir Ranjan Nath

Senior Vice President

20 years

Mr. Mihir Ranjan Nath is the Senior Vice President at Gold Rush Brews. He is a hospitality visionary with a remarkable career spanning 20 years. His passion for food and beverage, coupled with a customer-centric approach, has shaped the industry in significant ways. Having worked with prestigious brands in India, he has successfully launched and operated innovative outlets and concepts across different cities.

In his role at Gold Rush Brews, Mr. Nath assumes responsibility for all operational and business activities, ensuring alignment with the company’s overall strategy and mission. With a keen eye for high-quality investing decisions, he drives the advancement of the business and endeavors to increase its market share.

Mr. Nath’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer service is evident in his track record of developing effective strategies, solving complex problems, driving profit growth, enforcing policies, and motivating teams. His exceptional performance and achievements have garnered numerous accolades, including the International Hospitality Council Award and the Best Microbrewery Award from Times India.

As a leader, Mr. Nath shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with peers and mentees, fostering growth and excellence within the industry. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and exploration of new opportunities exemplify his continuous quest for personal and professional development. Truly an expert in hospitality, Mr. Nath possesses the vision and expertise to transform any business.

In his own words, “I believe that hospitality is not just a business but an art. It is about creating memorable experiences that delight the senses, touch the emotions, and inspire the mind. It is about exceeding expectations and delivering excellence every time.” With this philosophy at the core of his approach, Mr. Mihir Ranjan Nath continues to drive innovation and elevate the hospitality industry to new heights.

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